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5,094 Pharmaceutical industrial Boiler Tank


  • Maximum inhale pressure 30cm H2O, with separate humidifier, better humidification With ST and target tidal volume mode settings Fast rise time

• Normal inhalation intensity, respiration rate is 54times/min, and each                exhalation triggers the ventilator perfectly. Easily keep in synchronization.          Good synchronization with big flow Specification

• Mode: CPAP, S, T, ST, VGPS

Pressure: 4-35 cm H₂O

Trigger adjustment

Cycle adjustment

Slope adjustment

  • Noise less than 32 dB(A) . With mask, humidifier SD card & trolley Certification: ISO13485/CE /CFDA approved
  • Package Size :  2 CTNS 48.5×32.5x 21.5cm 80×45x30cm
    N.W.(kg): 20 G.W. (kg) :  23

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